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What is a Certified Medicare Planner® – CMP?

A CMP designation or Certified Medicare Planner® means the advisor you are meeting has certifications surpassing Medicare’s minimal health licensing credentials. 


A CMP has passed a dedicated training course, senior mentoring, compliance training, and annual recertification and is bound to act legally and ethically in their clients’ interests without bias.

The purpose of a CMP Credential?
To establish a standard body of knowledge for association professionals;

To create a reliable knowledge base demonstrated by licensed professionals in a valid and reliable manner;

To encourage professionals to provide Medicare guidance in a fiduciary manner that puts the client’s needs first;

To be a Medicare Master teacher and commit to making education part of the servicing process;

To serve the senior public by encouraging qualified, confident, ethical, and product-transparent guidance.

Training for the Title of CMP

I: Proficiency in Medicare Basics
II: Employer Group Plan vs. Medicare
III: 123Easy Method- Client Meeting Process Standard
IV: Navigating Situational Scenarios
V: Ethical Management

Founding Story of CMP Credentialing

When founder, David Schaeffer, started in the industry, he noticed that other agents were fighting for simplicity by trying to sell only one plan or another rather than exposing people to all of their options. An agent like this might try to tell you that they are selling the “best” plan. And best is NOT a word we use around here as Certified Medicare Planners®. There is no such thing as the “best” plan. It really comes down to what is most appropriate for each individual person. Many agents were (and still are) taking the easy way out by learning everything there is to know about one or two plans and leaving others untouched. That’s just lazy. This means they are uninformed and leave the people they work with uninformed. These agents were basically taking advantage of the people who trusted them by limiting their options.

David wasn’t going to focus people’s attention on just one or two plans. Everyone has a unique scenario and specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution…. So David became contracted with every plan available in the market! (and that’s no simple task) That way, he was able to shop with people and help them select a plan most appropriate for them.



Private and Personal Medicare Planning

  • What to do and when
  • Discuss your specific needs
  • Learn how to maximize your benefits
  • Compare all the plans available to you
  • Analyze staying on group insurance or transitioning to Medicare
  • Create a personal Medicare plan

What does carrier-agnostic mean?

That term is very important! It means we do not limit Medicare plan offerings to a certain insurance carrier (company) or group of carrier plans. Our role as a fiduciaries is to present ALL the plans from every company to select from. That way clients not only get a plan that fits them… the plan actually picks them! 

How can you possibly work with all the insurance plans in an area?

Clients deserve to have all of their options presented in one place! We are licensed in all 50 states (even Puerto Rico!) with ALL the insurance companies! And yes we go through that re-licensing process each and every year! Our clients expect us to maintain a true fiduciary level of support. 

There has been no

‘gold standard’ for a

Medicare servicing agent

to guide clients about Medicare. Until now.

Anyone can call themselves a Medicare advisor.

Only those who have met the gold standard in Medicare planning can call themselves a CERTIFIED MEDICARE PLANNER®.

Why Choose Us

The role of a Certified Medicare Planner® (CMP) is to be a fiduciary. That means providing transparency by showing clients every plan available on the market in the client’s specific geographical location. CMP’s support decision-making with comparison tools and proprietary software so clients can compare plans with confidence. They follow defined standards in asking questions that help clients get the plan benefits at costs they can afford.

Before a member of the team can meet with folks to educate them or guide them on Medicare, they must meet our founder’s strict fiduciary standards and pass a rigorous knowledge base to certify them as a Certified Medicare Planner®.

Every quarter Certified Medicare Planners® are reviewed by David Schaeffer to ensure that they are upholding all the standards of a CMP title by providing the highest level of service around.  All of this training is ongoing to ensure that when clients sit down for guidance, they are equipped to provide extraordinary service! 


The Medicare Architects help employees transition to Medicare with ease.

Russ W.

Very knowledgeable. Took the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each plan in terms of cost, convenience and flexibility. Thoroughly answered all my questions but the most impressive thing about Marc, he really enjoys helping people. I was referred to him by a friend who has very exacting standards so I was looking forward to working with someone who could unravel the mysteries of these various Medicare options.

Chalona F.

Our representative has worked tirelessly, and patiently to help us set up Medicare. Our situation was tricky due to being in another location. Our representative did not give up on us, going above and beyond to make sure we have our numbers, culminating in coverage when we need it to start. We are pleased and grateful.

Donna V.

 So understanding of all the many choices and confusion that go along with trying to understand Medicare and its intricacies. They explained all the choices and helped me to find the best plan for me. I honestly don’t know how I would have made any insurance decisions without them. Their level of knowledge of this subject was paramount in helping me decide. I came away from the office confident of my decisions. They made this whole process a very easy and happy experience.

Ease and confidence picking a Medicare plan

Getting what you want for your healthcare is more than just picking a plan based solely on a brand. It’s more important to get what you need with Medicare – like benefits, coverage, and costs.

Our clients are happy because we go through a client-focused program. Insurance companies are happy because our client’s expecations match what the insurance companies can provide!

With a client-centric program we help people make choices based on facts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to meet with a CMP?

No, there is never a fee for the guidance we provide. In fact, we also save you time with our 123Easy plan comparison and research processes too!


What will I gain by meeting with a CMP?

We will guide you on how to enroll stress-free! We simplify Medicare and ALL your options and then teach you the unique 123Easy way to compare plans to get what you need. You arrive confused and leave feeling relieved!


How long have your advisors been managing Medicare?

Our advisors bring a host of Medicare and financial experience to help you navigate Medicare. As a team, we have supported clients on their Medicare journey for over 20 years. Some of our advisors have been Medicare experts for more than 30 years!


Aren’t you just Medicare insurance salespeople?

Absolutely the opposite! Our goal is to educate and empower you to make successful Medicare decisions. We want you to understand your options before you choose your plans. If we earn your trust to proceed with enrolling you in your plan choices, we have created a new relationship! You have help with your Medicare as long as you need it.

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2023 Best of the Desert for Medicare Advisor

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