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We are Now a Featured Vendor with World at Work

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 02/03/2020

Medicare Transition Team


The Medicare Architects continue to source partnerships that make access to our services as easy as a ‘click or call’. We are pleased to announce our partnership with an association that is the leading global nonprofit organization for professionals who are engaged in total rewards planning and resources for cultivating inspired, engaged, productive, and committed workers in effective and rewarding workplaces. We are now a featured vendor for Medicare in the World at Work directory.


We fit perfectly with what they do! Total rewards packages provide benefits and compensation for attracting and retaining your best employees. As workforces continue to retain employees past the age of 65 we want you to have a single resource in your total rewards tool kit that can help you with questions when employees become eligible or interested in Medicare transition.


Our guidance, always a free resource, allows you to continue to provide the same level of support for your employees moving toward retirement that you provided when you hired that best talent!


Now you can find us featured with an association that has been providing Total Reward solutions nationally (and now globably) for over 65 years.


Whether you have one question about Medicare or an employee who is ready to transition, our Team of Medicare Certified Planners are ready to help.




By adding Medicare education to your benefits package you are adding unrealized total rewards and providing more choices for your employees. Having a Medicare transition team creates confidence in your ability to compliantly educate and transition eligible employees to Medicare while reducing costs for your employees and boosting your bottom line.

Check out our blog weekly for new resources, and helpful tips and tricks to build your Medicare transition strategy.

Your Medicare Transition Partner
– Lora

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