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As you near your 65th birthday (or already passed it) you have many options when it comes to your healthcare! 

Your employer wants to simplify the journey to Medicare with free educational Medicare workshops,  transition guides, and unlimited free access to a team of the nation's leading Certified Medicare Planners®.


Where to Start?   

   When to Enroll?   

  What are your options?

Who Are The Medicare Architects?


We are an education-focused Medicare transition team providing employers, their employees and retirees with the ONLY resources needed to move to Medicare with understanding and confidence.

As Medicare fiduciaries trained to guide with unbiased solutions, our licensing in every state makes it easy to help wherever you are – nationwide.

We can show you every plan in your area so you can match your needs with the most appropriate solution.



Prefer to meet with a Certified Medicare Planner® right away?    

Well then, let’s get started!

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The Medicare Architects coordinate your Medicare transition: 

– So you don’t have to navigate it alone –

Education and a Medicare Plan Strategy Begins Here!




Star Nursery Medicare Guide 2024

Medicare Guides

Advisory Services by American Retirement Advisors


In the 123EasyMedicare educational workshop, we give you the valuable information
you need to determine if Medicare is a viable option for you and your needs.


Employee Group

Retiree Group

Medicare provides many options to replace your employer’s plan when you are ready.

In the 123EasyMedicare educational workshop, we give you the valuable information
you need to determine if Medicare is a viable option for you and your needs.

Learn how to compare your Employer Group Health plan costs to Medicare with our  Stay or Go Analysis

Average # of Medicare Combinations

+ Dental

+ Vision

+ Hearing

+ Transportation

Medicare Educational Workshops In-Person, Online, and On-Demand


Get FREE access to our 

Medicare educational workshop from wherever you are!

Learn at your own pace.

Our  workshop will teach you how to select a health insurance plan without gimmicks or sales pitches. 

This 30-minute presentation covers everything you need to know about Medicare. AND you can learn from your home or office!

Learn how Medicare works and what you can expect with each of the plan options before you choose.


When COBRA is not an option


When it's ok to wait to enroll


Simplifying all the plan choices


Avoiding costly mistakes


How to get all the benefits you need

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Our Medicare educational workshops are hosted

by 123EasyMedicare Advisors

Your Certified Medicare Planners®

Provided in Partnership with American Retirement Advisors, 123EasyMedicare, and the Star Nursery team
(Yes, these services are FREE to you. If you want, you can thank your HR team)

When we are not out teaching classes, WE are helping individuals like you select the most appropriate Medicare plan for your needs – PERIOD. That is really all we do… we educate and facilitate. Because we take the time to get licensed and appointed with every carrier available… you can rest easy knowing that when you visit with a Certified Medicare Planner® you are getting the unbiased, fact-based information you were hunting for.

Fun fact. Our services are Free.
(Insurance companies pay us so you don’t get to)

What is Medicare?

According to Medicare.gov

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, sometimes called ESRD). 

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)
Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice care, and some home health care.
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

Part B covers certain doctors’ services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans)

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide you with all your Part A and Part B benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service Plans, Special Needs Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans. If you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare services are covered through the plan and aren’t paid for under Original Medicare. Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

Part D adds prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare, some Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Private-Fee-for-Service Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans. These plans are offered by insurance companies and other private companies approved by Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans may also offer prescription drug coverage that follows the same rules as Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy, sold by private companies, can help pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.  Some Medigap policies also offer coverage for services that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like medical care when you travel outside the U.S. If you have Original Medicare and you buy a Medigap policy, Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare-approved amount  for covered health care costs. Then your Medigap policy pays its share, as much as the entire balance of the bill.

A Medigap policy is different from a Medicare Advantage Plan. A Medicare Advantage Plan replaces your Medicare benefits with benefits considered to be as good as Medicare, while a Medigap policy supplements your Original Medicare benefits.

*Information sourced from Medicare.gov

We want you to get the Medicare information you deserve… but sometimes it helps to hear what other people have to say about us first…


“I knew nothing about Medicare options. The seminar was enlightening. The appointment in December for options was so helpful making my April appointment to finalize so easy.

I will be referring a couple friends next year!”

– Nancy M.


“123EasyMedicare has made a very complicated process easy to understand and determine the best options for me. She is professional and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. I truly appreciate her assistance. I was referred to your company by a friend. I attended the seminar which was the best first step in the process and I recommend to others. I will refer others in the future. Thank you…!”
– Anna M.


“The Certified Medicare Planners at 123Easy Medicare were supremely knowledgeable, excellent at explaining the rules, shortcuts, risks and rules. They spoke in terms we completely understood. They are bright and make the learning process fun and instructive. It really imparted as much information as a well-planned seminar and it was enjoyable and positive. I can’t imagine it being done better anywhere in this country.”
– Bradford M.

Valuable tidbits to look forward to


Find out how to search for the price of your prescription medications at every pharmacy, and for every plan available to you


Learn the only 100% unbiased site to find every single Medicare plan available to you in the calendar year


Understand how Medicare Supplement plans allow you the freedom of choice 


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