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Simplifying -Resources All in One Place

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 01/11/2021


Solution #2  Simplifying -Resources All in One Place

Making healthcare benefit plan decisions for your active employees requires making a series of careful choices and lengthy perusal of plan benefit offerings. You plan every aspect of those benefits. Besides the period in which employees will be eligible and the scope of health coverage, you will review many different carrier plans, evaluate costs, employee contribution rates, subsidy arrangements, and plan types. How will your plans be structured? What will your benefits include? How will your employees learn about their options and make choices?

What about supporting retirees and employees eligible for Medicare? Do you provide similar detailed resources to help them navigate that benefit transition? 

What if you could have a simple solution for providing the same dedicated level of Medicare resource support for your employees too?! 

Harnessing Experts

Companies harness experts to create benefit plan solutions and streamline the task. If you are a large employer, you might have a benefits team to align the organization’s objectives and coverage strategy in building your healthcare plans. If you are a smaller organization, you might harness benefits guidance from a firm specializing in locating companies with plans to fit your budget.

We do the same thing for employee Medicare decisions. We provide expert resources to help your employees transition confidently as your dedicated Medicare Transition Team.

Dedicated Resource Website

When your active employee annual enrollment initiates each year, you put all of your benefits resources in one place. Why? To make the information easily accessible.  When folks need to make an important decision, having all the required resources in one place builds confidence in their decision. You also might dedicate a meeting to explaining/educating them on the benefits selection process and options. Your employees are versed in their choices and how to make their selections. You make it easy for them to choose via a dedicated website too.

We want to support your Medicare-eligible employees the same way. Medicare is complicated enough. We can make Medicare at Work 123easy! We create a custom resource with Medicare support all in one place. Just like you do for all other employee benefits. That way, your folks are not frustrated digging for help on their own or pulling you in for answers or guidance. We create dedicated space for YOUR employees. 

Your Medicare Experts

Why choose us? 

The Medicare Architects are experts and Medicare fiduciaries. We put the client first. Our education workshops are CMS-approved, and the information employees receive based on facts. An insurance company does NOT sponsor us. The resources we provide are non-bias, so folks can make qualified and confident decisions based on personal needs without insurance company marketing telling them what they need. As fiduciaries, if it does not make sense for an employee to transition to Medicare until retirement, we tell them. But we still provide a timeline for them to follow when it does make sense. We are compensated by the insurance company only if a person chooses to enroll in a plan. We provide a service of education regardless of the outcome. So in case you missed it, our guidance is complimentary.


Solution Series #2 – Simplifying

Companies and municipalities already using our custom Medicare Resource page dedicated to their employee’s Medicare journey remark on the value it has brought as a long-overdue benefit support tool! Employees can’t stop thanking them for relieving their Medicare stress!

 We are ready to simplify Medicare resources in one place for you too. Let us show you how to make Medicare@Work 123easy!

Would you like to see a sample of a resource page?

Click or call me for a sample link.

Let us help you simplify Medicare for your employees in 2021.


Solution #2- Simplifying

By adding dedicated Medicare resources you are adding unrealized total rewards and providing more choices for your employees. Create a compliant Medicare benefit support plan. Give your employees personal guidance from a team of experts that will follow them after they retire.

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Your Medicare Transition Partner
– Lora

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