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Ready – Meet James and Mimi

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 11/29/2021

#47 – 52- Ready- Meet James and Mimi 

Here is a success story that was initiated by a referral from one of our HR partners. It expresses why meeting with us early can help avoid surprises and disappointment later. We continue to stress why adding Medicare planning to any exit planning package is so essential. Here is another example of why partnering with experts leads to smoother transitions.

A Success Story

James and his wife, Mimi, came to meet with us about transitioning to Medicare. James was turning 65 in six months and was getting his ducks in a row for retirement. His HR manager referred him to us for guidance months before he would need to enroll, which was the perfect opportunity to provide James time to plan. 

Essential Research

Because James came to the meeting to understand his Medicare options, we started reviewing his plan needs and choices. We asked questions to get to know them. We discussed their lifestyle plans upon retiring, budget considerations, healthcare, medications, doctor preferences, and whether Mimi was still working. She was not working and was not yet eligible for Medicare for another year, so if James retired, she would lose his employer benefits. Mimi’s medical coverage options would be an essential component to their retirement decision and Medicare glide path. 

The Plan Selection Process

We used our unique Medicare plan technology to enter the information James provided in his responses to us to research all the plans in his zip code area. James narrowed his decision down to two options, which would cover his particular needs.  We supplied him with detailed research and outlines of the coverage from both of the plan options that he liked.

Since he met with us early, James had plenty of time to think about a final plan selection, but…there was still the issue of covering Mimi once James left his employer. James really couldn’t move forward to Medicare without a concrete glide path for Mimi’s healthcare coverage too.



1) James could continue to work and keep his employer coverage for both until Mimi turned 65 and became Medicare eligible too. (His employer plan was creditable so he could continue on his employer plan.)

2) They could search for an Affordable Health Care Act plan on the marketplace.

3) They could research the several “Faith-Based” health plans offered in their market.

4) They could visit for more insurance options.

Individual health plans for folks under age 65 vary wildly from county to county. Researching options like James and Mimi would help them make informed decisions months ahead of losing employer coverage and not having confident next steps. Not only that, but pre-planning might save them money. This part of the research process on Mimi’s health plans would determine James’ decision on a retirement date to make both of them feel confident about their decision.

 What Did James Choose?

James and Mimi decided to postpone retirement and Medicare enrollment for one more year after researching the plan costs they would bear until Mimi was eligible for Medicare. James loves his position, so waiting one more year wouldn’t be a burden on them, and they could continue contributions to their 401K plan too. The couple was also glad they didn’t find how their budget would have been impacted by Mimi transitioning to another health plan after James retired. Plus, they understood the process for selecting Medicare now and looked forward with confidence to meeting with their Certified Medicare Planner® in a year.

A Decision Unique to Everyone

A glide path for one couple may not be right for another couple because they have different needs. Mimi had some medical issues that would significantly impact their costs, transitioning her care under another plan. But couples need to evaluate their unique needs to make their own decisions. 


Not sure what to do? You can refer your employee to us. We will have a Certified Medicare Planner® guide them based on fact-based information to an appropriate transition plan to help them make decisions suited to their needs and goals.


An aging workforce can benefit from having ready access to partners trained to guide with Medicare so that open discussions can help them. Why not add this partnership to your team?

Consider working with a team of Certified Medicare Planners ® to guide Medicare discussions with your employees. 

With our partnership, you support these opportunities:

  • Save them from paying for more coverage than they need, 
  • Avoid Medicare pitfalls later when they are making an exit plan, 
  • Readies employees to transition to Medicare when it’s appropriate for them, and 
  • Creates a non-bias, carrier-agnostic relationship for providing expert support of ALL the Medicare plans in an area.

Best of all… our services are free to you and your employees

Call us to learn more about how we are helping other companies. 


Need guidance on how to support your employees with other possible scenarios and helpful solutions?

Our Certified Medicare Planners® have more than 20 years of experience helping employees create Medicare transition plans BEFORE they need to enroll. We are ready to help!

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– Lora

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