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Opportunity – Don’t Miss Out! (AEP)

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 09/06/2021

#36-52 Solution Series – Opportunity – Don’t Miss Out (AEP)

September 6th  is “Fight Procrastination Day”. So fess up… what are some of the tasks you procrastinate?

For me, tedious, unpleasant, or complicated things are pushed to the bottom of my to-do list so I avoid doing them as long as possible.  

Are any of these popular tasks procrastination worthy to you?

  • Organizing closets, garages, drawers?
  • Exercising?
  • Getting up in the morning at the first alarm?
  • Creating a positive new habit?
  • Making important decisions? 


… is a term that sort of implies the opposite- just doing something quickly to get it done. Just do whatever it is and move along. Pre-crastination is the ugly twin to procrastination because as we all know, haste makes waste. So both of those ways of managing tasks usually lead to less than positive results. No one wants that!

SO, how do you get over these “crastinations”??

Possible solutions for changing ‘crastinations’ into accomplishments: Simplification, education, clear goals, anticipation, and celebration!

Why am I talking about crastinations? Well, a big opportunity is coming up next month for folks on Medicare. If you or someone you know is on Medicare – perhaps an employee, family member, or friend – this article is for them. They can make changes. SO they can revisit past decisions and consider new ones.

Folks who picked a plan years ago may avoid this annual opportunity because choosing the first time was too complicated for them. OR they just picked a plan based on what someone else had. So they might procrastinate even considering a change – missing an opportunity that could net them more benefits or savings! 

Great News! Folks Can Change Their Medicare Plans

Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP) begins October 15 and runs through December 7. This period allows folks to make changes to their Medicare plans. Many folks who come to us who enrolled in a Medicare plan years ago never realized that they can make certain changes! 

Medicare changes every year. Prescription drug plans change every year. Folks may not change anything, but Medicare plans can change on them.

Are the plans they enrolled in still appropriate for them? Medicare’s AEP provides an essential opportunity for folks to find out.


Encourage folks you know not to procrastinate this IMPORTANT upcoming Medicare opportunity. 


Solutions To Help Folks Get the Most Out of AEP:

  • If it’s been years since they reviewed their plans, attending a Medicare workshop for basic information and education that breaks down how Medicare works and what it offers would help them understand their ‘new’ options.
  • Working with a Medicare expert can show them a simple way to compare the plans available to them. Have them schedule a free meeting.
  • Creating a list of healthcare needs, medications, favorite docs, and wellness goals can help a Medicare expert search for plans to consider to meet that list.
  • Make a calendar note to anticipate reviewing Medicare every year going forward. (We contact our clients every year to research for them, so our clients already receive proactive care.)
  • Celebrate the potential to get the benefits you’re entitled to, and the found savings, and eliminate the options they were paying for but no longer need. 

I hope this article encourages you to reach out to folks you know on Medicare. Remind them to take advantage of reviewing their Medicare plans. Share the benefits of being able to make changes during AEP. 

Help them avoid procrastinating – let them know we are here to help make AEP 123Easy.

Our services are free but the opportunities they find to benefit them might be priceless!


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– Lora

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