The adage of ‘one size fits all’ is taking a backseat when it comes to health benefit selection in a society where more workers are choosing to work longer instead of retiring. When it comes to benefit discussions with your over-65 employees what do those discussions feel like? 

  • Do your Medicare-eligible employees feel comfortable talking to your Benefits staff about Medicare?  
  • Is your group plan the best cost option for your Medicare-eligible employee? 
  • How do you know?

Cost- Saving

Could transitioning to Medicare provide a cost-saving option to your employee and/or company? Do you have a simple reliable tool that offers a comparison of your existing group plan costs versus Medicare to help guide in a decision for transitioning to Medicare?

The Medicare Architects. A company focused on providing employers with the team, tools, and technology they need to effectively transition eligible employees to Medicare. Their innovative Medicare Blueprint Builder is an industry first, combining the benefits of a full-service Medicare planning firm with the convenience of an online quoting tool.

The questions above are some of the ones we are constantly asked and why we created our company The Medicare Architects.  With our help, the Medicare guidance process just got easier.

One-Stop Medicare Resource

We provide EASY ways to partner on tackling employee questions about Medicare. That way you can show there are more options than just a single employer plan and whether Medicare is right for them. Here are some ways we can help:

  • We offer SHRM accredited workshops for your staff to simplify Medicare and tools to make you an expert in responding to your eligible employees’ questions. Medicare guidance for a SHRM credit!
  • We can bring education to your employees! With our Medicare-approved workshop – a 45-minute easy-to-digest presentation- we simplify Medicare and provide choices and easy tools employees can access online. We help them decide whether to stay on an employer plan or go to Medicare. 
  • The Stay or Go Analysis asks for just three key ingredients to compare costs to Medicare. The analysis tells your employee if there are better cost options than staying on a group plan in less than 3 minutes!
  • Which Medicare plan is cost-effective for them if they leave their group plan? The Medicare Architects are uniquely positioned to offer you and your employees an unbiased carrier-agnostic solution. We loaded ALL the Medicare plan options in an industry-first Medicare Blueprint Builder database so your employee can create a personal blueprint of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it with their zip code and just three questions answered:
    • Providers
    • Prescriptions
    • Plans
  • The Teams,  The Tools, The Technology- We have a team of Certified Medicare Planners who are a live resource just a click or call away at 1-800-568-1095. Our tools and technology at can review current employer benefits and provide Medicare plan options. 

If Medicare makes the best sense to transition, or if it doesn’t just yet, we are here to be your premier partner for questions that come up along the way. We are here to help in making the options clearer and providing a compliant and confident resource to your Medicare-eligible employees’ benefit decision. 


Contact our HR Consultant for more information – 

*SHRM Accredited/ Medicare-Approved/ ERISA Compliant

No matter where a user is in the nation our data is ready. 

The Medicare Architects uses API’s for prescription drug formularies directly from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Provider look-ups for the nation’s leading repository of network information directly from Medicare Plan Carriers.

Curious about your Medicare Options?

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