Your Medicare Transition Team!

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Your Medicare Transition Team!

How We Help:

We provide the team tools and technology to compliantly transition employees to Medicare.


Certified Medicare Planners™

On call to get your Medicare questions answered (800) 568-1095


ERISA compliant, Medicare-Approved Education

We give your employees the tools to select a plan that meets their needs with no gimmicks or sales pitches. This approved presentation covers everything they need to know about Medicare. Learn how Medicare works and what employees can expect with each of the plan options before they choose.


Medicare Blueprint Builder™

The Medicare Blueprint Builder illustrates an employee’s journey to Medicare. It shares all of their Medicare options. Helps them select the most appropriate plan for their specific needs. Then provides a personalized timeline for what they need to do, when, and how to do it.

What to Expect

We provide the team tools and technology to you need to comfortably transition to Medicare.

Medicare approved Education.

Tool to show your Medicare choices

Personalized Medicare Blueprint

Certified Medicare Planner™ to help you through the enrollment process

How we created the Medicare Blueprint Builder™

We took nearly two decades of experience from our Certified Medicare Planners, and combined their 1-1 meeting process with a technology platform that now allows you to go through the very same process from anywhere in the country on your own time. 

1 of a kind notification system.

Creating a Medicare Blueprint is just the beginning. Taking your customized plan, we then have a team of Certified Medicare Planners that will review the research performed and keep you on track via email with detailed instructions as to what you need to do to ensure a smooth transition to Medicare.

Here for you every step of the way!

Starting with the Medicare Blueprint Builder you take your first step in Medicare planning by narrowing down your choices to the plans that make the most amount of sense to you. Our team of Certified Medicare planners then step in to help you through the enrollment process. Best yet, every single year when plans change, our team will reach out and ensure the plan you first selected is still most appropriate for you. 

Not sure if you should leave your group plan?

Start with a Stay or Go Analysis. All we need are 3 bits of information to compare your plan to Medicare. 

  • Annual Deductible
  • Maximum out-of-pocket
  • Premium

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