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Guidance – Medicare and Fortune Cookies

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 02/08/2021

#6 Solution- Guidance- Medicare and Fortune Cookies

While the exact origin is disputed, few can deny that fortune cookies are a fun interactive dessert involving cookies broken to reveal entertaining proverbs. I know I look forward to wrapping up a meal with sweet enlightenment to my future or a memorable or pithy piece of advice.

  • All things are difficult before they are easy.
  • People learn little from success but much from failure.
  • An important person will offer you support.
  • Don’t pursue happiness – create it.

Wow! It would be fantastic if all our decisions could be guided by simply opening a cookie holding the answer! Since the Chinese New Year is on Feb 12, I thought it would be fun to tie in a Medicare HR solution with fortune cookies. My most recent fortune, “All things are difficult before they are easy….” was rather appropriate given our current times.

Hey! What if an employee could open a fortune cookie that tells him what Medicare plan to enroll in!? Keep that in mind while I continue.

Did you know, Medicare was created for individuals? Since individuals are unique, there are different Medicare options to choose from depending on individual needs. So plan choices should be based on individual needs.  I know a cookie is not going to work for picking a plan…But, having a trusted and tested recipe for planning is an appropriate start.

Our workshops provide a simplified presentation of the essential ingredients needed to make confident Medicare decisions. We also offer hints on how to combine those ingredients toward finding a plan.

Medicare, at first glance, is overwhelming. Plus, eligible employees are being bombarded with mail and TV ads telling one message, “Pick this plan because it is for you.”

Wait! How can one plan be for everyone? Medicare is designed for individuals, so how can a plan in an ad be the one… for everyone

It can’t! 

While consulting with employers and meeting with clients about their Medicare questions, we consistently hear comments that resources provided at work don’t make transitioning to Medicare easy. Employees are still fearful and anxious about managing and understanding the plan choices they have to make. The ads they get are confusing them even more. 

We can support you and your employees with confident and compliant options because we built our process based on what they were telling us they needed! Make Medicare transition easy at work!

Let’s face it. Your employees have been guided by your confident hands while being an active employee. You build and provide the plans for them to pick from. They have a guide to learn about their options, and what to choose had been narrowed down for them.

Employees now transitioning to Medicare essentially have to research, organize, and build their own plans! 

Medicare is complicated, and we don’t expect you to have all the answers. (There are more than 5000 plan combinations out there! Let us tackle that!) That’s why you partner with experts to help your employees like you helped them. To help make transition 123easy.

Here are some 123Easy Medicare proverbs we baked up for you:

  • 123Easy will make the Medicare transition significantly more manageable. 
  • Employees will feel confident and relieved about Medicare decisions after attending a workshop.
  • The hints to choosing are in the workshop. You should attend now. 
  • Employees will get basic Medicare education important to them and thank you for sending them for dedicated expert support.

Employees are usually provided a link to to resource and select their Medicare plans.  Employees have told us they want dedicated guidance in that transition process. They want the personal support like they had with you, to continue for them.

Employees have to dig around for explanations of all the Medicare ‘ingredients’. They become frustrated digging and have yet to pick their plans. 

Somebody, please throw them a fortune cookie!

We will be the Medicare fortune cookie for your employees. Let our workshops and dedicated support be the ingredients to their transition success. What employees learn will lead them to plans that make sense and are appropriate to their needs. 

Well, how about that! My fortune cookie just predicted YOUR future!

All things are difficult before they are easy….We make Medicare@ work 123Easy.

Medicare guidance for your employees in 2021.

Guidance - Medicare and Fortune Cookies

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– Lora

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