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Give Us an Hour and We Can Make You a Medicare Superhero

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 05/18/2020


Human Resource Professionals … do you need a SHRM PDC recertification credit?

We can help!


How do you handle basic Medicare questions from your employees?


EARN 1 PDC  by attending a free SHRM accredited online Medicare workshop!


Let us help add to your incredible superpowers!


We provide the basics to support your aging workforce’s questions about Medicare and transition options. 

Our Certified Medicare Planners™ will share what other successful companies and municipalities have already learned at our workshops about Medicare. We help your employees make informed decisions about selecting Medicare if it makes sense for them while working or when preparing to retire.


Have some downtime to join us for an hour? We have several dates to choose from.


We make it 123easy to learn and earn a PDC.

  • Learn 123easy Medicare Basics
  • Eligibility and Enrollment processes
  • Coverage basics and Medicare freebies
  • How COBRA affects Medicare Part B
  • What Medicare Part A does to your HSA
  • Helpful tools for comparing group plan costs to Medicare 
  • Value of a relationship with Certified Medicare Planners™ for trusted transition guidance


You will get a free Medicare Resource Guide filled with Medicare Basics to help you with employee questions along with 1 SHRM PDC for attending.


Check out the dates available to register for this SHRM professional development course online here:

 Registration URL:

 We’re helping to make Medicare at Work … 123easy.







By adding Medicare education to your benefits package you are adding unrealized total rewards and providing more choices for your employees. Having a Medicare transition team creates confidence in your ability to compliantly educate and transition eligible employees to Medicare while reducing costs for your employees and boosting your bottom line.

Ready to get started?
Check out our blog weekly for new resources, and helpful tips and tricks to build your Medicare transition strategy.

Your Medicare Transition Partner
– Lora

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