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Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 01/04/2020


Helping you keep your budget goals in sight with Medicare transition simplified! Download our free 2020 Medicare Reference Guide here. 

What’s included:

  • A general introduction to Medicare and simple explanations of each the parts of Medicare:
    • Part A: Hospital Insurance
    • Part B: Medical Insurance
    • Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage
    • Medicare Supplements also referred to as Medigap plans
  • A summary and explanation of the premium costs associated with Medicare 
  • A timeline of when to initially enroll in Medicare, when to expect your Medicare card, and when to see a Certified Medicare Planner™ to help with your enrollment.
    • How to enroll in Medicare 
    • If you are collecting social security and if you are not

  • Helpful Resources you can use to guide your employee’s transition:
    • Medicare contact phone number
    • Social Security contact phone number
    • Helpful websites
    • Links to other helpful guides
    • Your dedicated Medicare Help Line to our Certified Medicare Planners™ who can answer any of your Medicare questions

Bonus! Links to exclusive tools developed by The Medicare Architects and provided to you at no cost

    • Stay or Go Analysis™
    • Medicare Blueprint Builder™



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