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Engagement – Surprise Remote Employees with Transition Support

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 03/08/2021

#10 Solution-Engagement – Surprise Remote Employees with Transition Support

For many employees, working from home has created both opportunities and challenges. Some may find the change to working from home a positive transition relative to managing work-life balance. It makes for a short drive from work to home! 

For others, change comes with challenges. Stress from a lack of social interactions, technology know-how, and creating web-meeting appropriate workspaces while juggling family around the workspace too. We have all enjoyed watching uninvited toddlers strolling into a web meeting!

Many HR partners spent the better part of the year adjusting to managing, engaging, and supporting employees in various new remote locations too. From helping them with hints for prioritizing daily tasks and meeting productivity goals to managing wellness goals and morale. The virtual platforms available to help disseminate information and unite work teams seem like a blessing. It’s not likely the team communication technologies we are using more regularly now are going anywhere, and some remote workspaces might be here to stay as well. 

What other areas of support did you find you needed to provide to your remote workforce?


Medicare Eligibles

One group, your aging employees, might feel more challenges in working from home. After all, they probably worked most of their lives in an office or corporate setting with the close camaraderie of co-worker interactions and technology support only steps away.  Getting guidance quickly to set up home office technology and using the various meeting apps might have taken some getting used to. 

Some employees might have taken the past year to re-evaluate retirement plans. Naturally, they might also be considering the transition to Medicare as part of that planning. 

In your remote employee support roles, we hope you will consider partnering with a team that is experienced in providing smooth Medicare transition support. That way, as employees begin inquiring about retirement planning, you can surprise them with ready support to engage them in Medicare resources and planning also. That is a great time to show them Medicare workshop resources like the CMS-approved educational workshops we have been hosting for more than 15 years. 123Easy experts will explain the basics of Medicare to make it easier for them to choose a plan when they are ready. They will thank you for the dedicated planning resource too!


Rabbit Hole

Most employees don’t realize that pre-planning for Medicare can help ensure a more confident transition.  Since they are already in a remote working situation, wouldn’t it be helpful to provide them with personal Medicare guidance instead of leaving them to navigate everything Medicare on their own? Medicare resources can be a rabbit hole for employees. Providing them with dedicated support will surprise and please them! Plus YOU too would have dedicated support for inquiries that you don’t have ready answers for.

Certified Medicare Planners®  provide personal support for your transitioning employees. They are trained as fiduciaries to guide folks through all the plans available in an area and show them how to find plans to meet their specific needs. Sort of like how you helped them as a dedicated resource for picking their group plans. Plus they can be the experts you contact for the answers you can provide for Medicare inquiries too. It’s a partnership for transition success. 

By providing a dedicated path for Medicare guidance, your employees will enjoy their journey to Medicare. And you make that happen for them!

Medicare guidance for your employees in 2021.

Surprise remote employees with dedicated Medicare transition support

Create a compliant Medicare benefit support plan. Give your employees personal guidance from a team of experts that will follow them after they retire.

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– Lora

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