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Disconnect – Medicare Scammers

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 08/09/2021

[32- 52 Solution Series] Disconnect- Medicare Scammers

While talking with my mother-in-law this weekend she mentioned mail she routinely receives that looks very official, like it came from the government, asking her for detailed Medicare information including her Medicare card number and Social Security number.

Fortunately, we have had conversations about scammers so she is prepared and never responds to anything she receives from people claiming to be from Medicare.

Unfortunately, we had a gentleman call last week who panicked about information he supplied, yes, including his Social Security number, to a person on the phone purporting to be from Medicare. After providing the information he realized he was being scammed, but it was too late. He wasn’t our client yet, but after we provided detailed guidance on what action to take he called back thanking us for helping him with what to do.

A Necessary REMINDER about calls– Medicare does not call members!

The Medicare Annual Election Period is actually around the corner and it is a time that is ripe for scammers. Calls ramp up during this time from concerned people stating that Medicare or Social Security called them, asking about either enrolling them in a plan or asking to confirm what plans they are enrolled in or if they received their Medicare Card, and what the number is.

The caller sounds legitimate, or sometimes so pushy they suggest the individual is in trouble if they don’t respond with the information requested, like social security number, credit card, or bank info. 

 **Medicare does NOT make these types of calls **

Below is an important episode from our talk show, 65 And Counting, you can share with folks you know on Medicare to help remind them about NOT sharing information with callers they do not know. 

Anyone who calls purporting to be from Medicare and asking an individual to verify any personal information over the phone is likely a scammer.

The individual has the right to: 

  • Hang up.
  • Not to confirm or give out any information.
  • Call Medicare to confirm the call was from them.
  • Contact one of our Certified Medicare Planners® for help.
  • Report ’em:

Guiding your employee to reserve personal information with only people known to them and who have their permission to share with is sound advice. Individuals control the calls in these cases and should not use any phone numbers the caller provides to support the reason for the call. The use of only published contact information on actual government websites or calls the employee initiates to a trusted resource to help are safer options. 

If you receive an inquiry from an employee who needs guidance on anything they have received, or their parents received, that they didn’t request, please contact a Certified Medicare Planner® from our office. We can help. Our services are always at no charge, but our guidance is priceless.

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– Lora

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