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A Remedy for Medicare Anxiety with Just a “Click or Call”

Author: Lora Drummond

Medicare Transition Specialist

Posted: 02/24/2020

We know Medicare can be complex and might create anxiety while navigating on behalf of your employees. Having a transition partner provides you with confidence no matter what level of support you need. If it’s just a simple Medicare question or for help with plan options and enrollment, you have one resource in having a team to make the bridge to Medicare go smoothly.

An “Aha!” Moment

Let me tell you about an “Aha!” moment where having a transition team relieved some Medicare stress for one HR team. When a tenured union employee was turning 65 in a week but was not yet retiring, he asked his HR team for guidance about enrolling in Medicare. In a panicked voice, he asked if he needed to enroll in Medicare? Did he need to give up his current group plan, or could he defer Medicare enrollment without risk later? Could he keep his plan but would still also need to enroll in Medicare or risk penalties later? Did he even have time to enroll at the last minute? 

A Remedy for Stress

Our HR partner called a Certified Medicare Planner™ and was immediately able to get the answers she needed to confidently guide and relieve her employee’s concerns. (…Oh, and no he did not need to enroll as long as he was still employed and covered on his employer’s group plan).  She later told us that every Medicare scenario involves different questions and individual needs are different. “I find that one remedy is not best for everyone,” she later remarked. Medicare has unique enrollment periods and criteria that are also challenging. She said, ‘It just gets so sticky researching these answers.” She thanked her transition team for making the experience as easy as a click or call! 

We Threw Away our Business Cards

Making Medicare easy should be as simple as just clicking or calling- that’s what we think anyway. So we threw away our traditional business cards and created “click or call’ cards. If you would like some cards just let me know! I’d be happy to send you some.

Certified Medicare Planners™ are trained to understand Medicare and can supply confident answers or do the research to get you what you need with just a simple click or call. There is no cost for guidance. We know you wear many hats in order to maintain happy employees each and every day! With a Medicare transition team, you should feel confident that you will save time, guide a successful transition, and provide a grateful employee experience.

Teams, Tools, and Technology

You and your employees should be able to obtain simple support easily by a ‘click or call’ for these types of Medicare inquiries via one resource when you need support: 

  • General Medicare questions answered by Certified Medicare Planners™
  • Guidance on how to begin an employee transition or obtain an introduction to a Certified Medicare Planner™ for an employee to talk to about Medicare
  • Hold educational workshops for your employees
  • Help to incorporate Medicare education resources in exit packages
  • Help navigating Medicare plan choices and enrollment help
  • Helping an employee to compare a group plan with Medicare to determine if there is a cost advantage for them moving off group and transition to Medicare.
  • Help to compare all the Medicare plans available in a specific market with attention to an individual’s needs.

For tackling Medicare, enlist a team that can help you continue to deliver the level of support you provide confidently for your employees every day. From recruitment to retirement you have your employees’ best interests at heart. A transition team is positioned to help you complete that circle of valued support.

Ready to get started? Check out our blog weekly for new resources, and helpful tips and tricks to build your Medicare transition strategy. Your Medicare Transition Partner – Lora

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